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Unibail Rodamco Westfield

Unibail Rodamco created a mobile application integrating a series of indoor location based services. At this stage, the mobile application, along with the indoor location solution, have been deployed over 30 malls in Europe and is being extended to 20 additional malls.

Case study
Indoors location based services is a key factor for malls because of their big size and their huge crowed. We work a lot with Pole Star to allow this first use case of location based services.
Julien Marlot
Head of CX digital solutions at Unibail-Rodamco

Compagnie de Phalsbourg

Compagnie de Phalsbourg has set up a Indoor location services at its malls. These services completely answer the company’s baseline which is to invent the France of tomorrow, addressing 2 of 4 pillars, customer service and digitalization

Case study
Working with Pole Star has enabled us to implement tools such as combining geolocation with the marketing platform, allowing us to better understand our customers’ needs and expectations.
Pauline Thiriez-Cussac
Marketing Operational Director

Fira Barcelona

Case study
Pole Star is the pioneer on the positioning system bring us users experience scalability and easy integration within our mobile app.
Xavier Michavila
CIO, Executive Board member, Digital Transformation Leader

Société Générale

The indoor location based services are scalable and reliable, they allow the digital transformation.

Case study
Les Dunes is a corporate project, that has the ambition to support the digital transformation and the innovation of the group, SOCIETE GENERALE. The indoor location services are key to support the new way of work.
Dominique Savigny
Manager Projet | Digital Transformation


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a compact airport where speed and convenience for passengers comes first.

Case study


Case study

Pole Star is a pioneer and world leader in Indoor Location solutions. Pole Star provides the Best-In-Class Indoor Location technology for your mobile location based services. Whether you operate a shopping mall, an airport, a train station, or any other high traffic venue, NAO® suite enables you to enhance user experience, engage with your visitors, and better understand how your space is used. No matter how large or complex your venue is, Pole Star offers high-performance, easy to set up and scaleable Indoor Location, Geofencing, and Analytics to make any venue Smart.

- Smart Transportation and Mobility
- Smart Malls & Retail
- Smart Events
- Smart Building
- Smart Healthcare
- Smart Workspaces

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Although the main purpose of Indoor Location (or Indoor Positioning System) is to help users to navigate within buildings such as airports, malls or convention centers, it also opens the way for countless location-based services such as :

  • Positioning & Turn-By-Turn Navigation
  • Location Sharing
  • “Help Me” ;
  • Crowd-sourced Maintenance
  • Smart Parking
  • Find a space around me
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Geofencing  to track assets and people with an enabled device in a defined geographic zone.

It is used to create entrance/exit events and to trigger associated actions (targeted advertising alerts, service management, room management…)

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Leverage the value of indoor location with NAO® Analytics.

Indoor location and geofencing services allow you to obtain invaluable visitor data and insights. Thanks to the NAO® SDK embedded in your mobile applications, all of the data collected is sent to our analytics platform, NAO® Cloud.

The goal of our Analytics solution is simple: to analyze the behavior of your application’s users, and continually optimize your business!

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How does it work?

We provide a comprehensive indoor location solution: 1 Beacon, 1 SDK and 1 Cloud to meet all your needs.

The different components of the Pole Star offering have been widely tried, tested and approved by our customers and partners in a wide range of environments.

Easy to implement and maintain, our technology is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.


With over 35 Million Square Meters covered in more than 35 countries, Pole Star offers the most reliable scaleable indoor positioning solution tailored to fit a vast range of uses and markets.


Let’s innovate and create value together! Over 70% of our sales are generated through a network of international partners who integrate our solutions. Our scaleable, reliable, easy to implement indoor location solutions combined with our commitment to providing on-going assistance, guarantee you total autonomy to manage your projects.

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