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UniHA selects Pole Star to improve patient journey management and analysis

UniHA has selected Pole Star solutions to support its 1,032 member hospitals and its 112 hospital groups (GHT ), in the management of their patient journey.

Pole Star announces a strategic partnership with Real Estate technology provider HqO.

Although most employees are eager to get back to the office in person (according to a recent survey, 3 in 4 workers hope to return to an office). It is now a common understanding that the workplace will be used in a different fashion. In…

Hospitals, industry 4.0, service sector, transport, what are the benefits of indoor positioning ?

In the past, indoor positioning was mostly used in the transportation sector or for fleetmanagement, Today indoor location or IPS (Indoor Positioning System) is used in a very wide range of sectors and venues. Pole Star has designed the very…

Flow management in hospitals : Improving the health and wellbeing of healthcare staff with indoor positioning.

For hospitals, managing patients, health workers and equipment is an ongoing, daily and even crucial challenge. This article provides insights as to how indoor positioning can help you optimize management of hospital-specific issues. CONTACT…

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