Accelerate your operations with Nao Track

In the era of digitalization, Icade has designed a system for geolocating patients in the ambulatory loop to enable operating facilities to function more efficiently and to care for as many patients as possible.

Join our team, you won’t regret it

Pole Star is more than a team who is able to work well together, we accomplish more than individuals can do alone.

Healthcare : The Pole Star NAO solution made it possible!

New Jersey health network Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) is expanding its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon-based digital wayfinding and indoor navigation system,

Connected Healthcare: A new big success for our NAO Track solution

We are proud to be part of this amazing project, Ambu’Stage powered by the NAO Track technology by Pole Star. This geolocation service improves the efficiency of outpatient care, significantly assists the staff and improved patient journey.…

We had a blast!

The Pole Star team gathered in the Pyrenees, France to bond. Being a team is not only a combination of talents but also a capacity to understand each other better and give the best of our skills for a common goal.

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