Season’s greetings

Season's greetings - Pole Star

Pole Star USA Inc. Now based in Chicago, Illinois

Pole Star’s new location in Greater Chicago gives us easier, faster access to our clients and partners in the United States, empowering us to deliver better service.

A resounding success at MEDICA 2019 in Dusseldorf

The show was the ideal opportunity to talk about healthcare professional requirements and expectations, and Pole Star value proposition. In hospitals, location based services deliver unprecedented value to patients, staff and a broad range of…

MEDICA 2019. D Day. Season 1, Ep#4: Outpatient surgery

Patient safety is a key priority in hospitals

MEDICA 2019. D Day – 3. Season 1 ep #3 : You said “over-investment”?

Hospitals, have a lot of expensive equipment they use throughout the day, and it’s challenging to keep up with. In fact, even basic items like wheelchairs and beds can be pricey… and they never seem to be there when you need them in a…

MEDICA 2019 – D Day – 10 – Season 1 Ep #2: Asset Tracking. Benefits?

NAO Track, Pole Star’s asset & people tracking solution provides Hospitals with the ability to locate devices, patients and care givers globally. This Best-In-Class solution provides the most accurate, reliable and affordable location,…

MEDICA 2019, the World Forum for Medicine is around the corner.

Pole Star will exhibit at MEDICA 2019 and will showcase its breakthrough NAO Track solution dedicated to healthcare.

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