Pole Star announces a strategic partnership with Real Estate technology provider HqO.

In the midst of the recovery phase from the COVID 19 pandemic, tenants and property landlords are changing their approach to optimize their physical workspace while seeking to increase workplace efficiency and safety.

Although most employees are eager to get back to the office in person (according to a recent survey, 3 in 4 workers hope to return to an office). It is now a common understanding that the workplace will be used in a different fashion. In addition to the geographical location of real estate assets, their value will also be determined by the services they will offer to their users. Premium user and visitor experience is becoming of the utmost importance and workplace efficency is at the heart of the concerns that are raised by tenants and facility managers. This inevitably accelerates digital transformation of the physical workspaces.

Technology adoption has been drastically boosted across the board to help make a smarter & more efficient use of every rented / owned square foot.
Providing a safer space and better daily experience to occupants has never been more important than today.

To help every stakeholders within the real estate value chain make better decisions, Pole Star announces a strategic partnership with Real Estate technology provider HQO.

Through this partnership, HQO customers will be able to harness the power of location-based services to provide engaging features such as location based information , indoor navigation, space-booking automation, Indoor lone worker protection and asset tracking while gathering valuable building utilization metrics through a comprehensive analytics dashboard. The Pole Star service is accessible through the HQO Marketplace, among many other experience-improving services.

Use-cases that can be addressed by Indoor Positioning Technologies include engaging users via contextualized communication, improving building user’s experience by providing interactive turn-by-turn navigation, improve accessibility of venues by helping disabled individuals to navigate via accessible routes only. The larger the venue, the more these challenges are felt, and in the search of providing only the best to its customers, HQO selected Pole Star’s technology, recognizing its unmatched expertise on the field as well as ease to deploy and scalability.

About HQO: The world’s leading commercial real estate firms count on HqO to help them deliver a state-of-the-art tenant experience within their properties. Active in over 150 million square feet in 7 countries, HqO is known for its tenant experience platform comprised of an award-winning tenant app, analytics suite, and partner marketplace. Our solutions put experiences and a sense of community directly into the tenants’ hands while helping property owners uncover insights and take intelligent action to differentiate their assets.

For more information, visit www.hqo.com, and connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Pole Star: Pioneer and World leader in Indoor Positioning Systems, including mobile-centric positioning technologies and RTLS, Pole Star has been recognized by Gartner as a key solution provider to enterprises looking to solve location-of-things-related challenges. Based in Toulouse, France and Chicago, Illinois, USA, Pole Star deployed its solutions in 350+ mobile apps in 40 different countries, helping hospitals, corporate offices, convention centers, transportation hubs and universities to engage their users, provide more safety and reduce unproductive time. Visit www.polestarusa.com and say hi to the team on Linkedin and Twitter.


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