New POLE STAR Joins the ArubaEdge certified partner network

Through this certification, Pole Star’s NAO® SDK and Pole Star’s NAO® Track becomes a part of the ArubaEdge technology partner ecosystem, to help enterprises confidently embrace digital transformation and extend the capabilities of their existing Aruba infrastructure with Pole Star’s award-winning location services platform.

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NAO® Safe for COVID-19: How to ensure that your teams feel confident that your workplace is a safe place to be?

Very soon after the Shelter-in-Place and Stay-at-Home Orders were issued globally early this year, we began worrying about the back to work scenarios. How could we help our partners and customers to secure the back to work phase? How to leverage our expertise and technology to deliver a complete set of tools to monitor, prevent and manage possible contamination at the workplace.

Protect your Company against the COVID-19

We worked hard with our customers to well understand their needs and their fears  and and we took time to interpret what’s in the CDC and other national and international agencies’ recommendations in order to design the Best-In-Class Indoor Social distancing and contact tracing system: NAO Safe for COVID 19.

We began deploying NAO Safe in early May. With the recent evolution of the pandemic and the absolute necessity for all to accelerate the back to work phase in a safe manner, NAO Safe for COVID 19 will help you to secure your business. And it will ensure that your teams feel confident that your workplace is a safe place to be!

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