Pole Star is a global leader and pioneer in indoor positioning.

Pole Star team from Pole Star on Vimeo.


At Pole Star we were the first to understand, the importance of unlocking personal and professional mobility by guaranteeing it both indoors and outdoors! We are committed to making everyone’s personal and professional life simpler by offering seamless personal mobility.

Pole Star began 15 years ago with the partnership between Christian Carle, a former marketing and sales executive at Thales, and Jean Chenebault, a former engineer at Alcatel. Pole Star has proven industry experience and an impressive customer portfolio.

At Pole Star, we believe that Indoor-Location-Technologies are the second location based revolution the same way GPS was 20 years ago. Whether for Security, m-Commerce, Mobile Services, Smart Building, Smart Factory or Workplace Management, Indoor Location based services bring major value in B2B and B2C.
We envision a world where location based services are available seamlessly, wherever you are, indoors and outside. We believe that indoor location services are the key components to enhance professional or consumer users’ experience in any venue, to engage with them, and to collect invaluable data for more intelligent businesses.
Today, Indoor location based services are no longer a perk feature: Indoor location based services are an absolute must for most large venue owners and managers. Pole Star Company based in the US and in Europe has delivered solutions to more than 1500 different venues worldwide. Active on the market since 2008, Pole Star is a pioneer and leader in the indoor location field. We deliver solid,reliable solutions to guarantee seamless location based services between outdoor environments, thanks to GPS and Galileo satellite systems and Indoor environments, where satellite signals are inoperative, degraded or simply unavailable.

And we have invented the technology to achieve all of these goals.