A pioneer and leader in indoor location services and technology: driven by vision and innovation

Pole Star is a French indoor location services company founded in 2002. Today we are based in France and the US and we deploy our indoor positioning expertise and experience throughout the world. Our solution covers 350 million square feet in 35 countries with 100 000 BLE beacons installed and 200 000 connections per day. And our global footprint is expanding every day.
  • 2019


    In 2019, NAO Track is hugely successful on the healthcare market with hospitals and clinics as well as on industrial markets. Today, Pole Star delivers a unique Indoor Location 360, which enables clients to optimize the cost of the infrastructure deployed and maximize ROI.

  • 2018


    In 2018, Pole Star launches commercialization of a new product offering, NAO Track, dedicated to tracking assets and people. A TAG enabled solution, NAO Track is positively welcomed on the market with the first operational deployments completed in the second half of 2018. Pole Star is one of the ten worldwide firms to be a part of the very first Magic Quandrant by Gartner, the « Magic Quandrant for Indoor Location Services, Worldwide ».  

  • 2017


    In 2017, the company structures and unites the Pole Star community of integrators and distributors with the launch of « Connect Days » in Europe and North America. An annual event focusing on a specific topic, Connect Days  brings together clients, partners, experts, and influencers.

  • 2016


    With 500 % growth over the last 4 years, 20 % monthly growth in the number of users and 200 000 daily hits on our platform during the month of February, we are on the way to making Indoor location global. The  Pole Star vision and strategy is to deliver global coverage, fast and easy integration means and seamless indoor/outdoor transitions for all large, complex venues accommodating large numbers of people.

  • 2015


    NAO Micro and NAO Campus merge to become the NAO solution.

  • 2014


    Worldwide growth : Global expansion  and Fortune 500 companies choose Pole Star technology.

  • 2013


    The Pole Star solution is  end to end. NAO Cloud is the all-in-one online platform to make deployment fast, easy and autonomous. NAO Analytics is launched by Pole Star.

  • 2012


    A year of major launches: Operation office in Silicon Valley. NAO-Campus®  Apple app availability: iOS full compatibility – Wifi/GPS/Bluetooth 4.0/Motion sensors/Map fusion December : + 50 000 square foot deployed for location based services worldwide with NAO Campus

  • 2011


    Conquering the transportation market Paris Charles de Gaulle is the first airport covered by the Pole Star solution. On a technological level, Pole Star develops a suite of deployment tools to automate and facilitate implementation of geolocated solutions. Technical features: Auto calibration: multi device compatibility with High productivity deployment tool suite

  • 2010


    LBS market is scalable with NAO Campus:  ANDROID release iOS  based on private API. First shopping malls deployed in San Francisco (CA) with NAO-Campus®

  • 2009


    Security. First professional use cases of NAO Campus Deployment of NAO-Campus® in an underground parking  garage for SDIS (Departemental fire department service)  in Haute Garonne (31 – France)

  • 2008


    A year of  achievements April : At the Toulouse Space Show, Pole Star presents the beta version of NAO-Campus®, the first technology allowing  indoor location based services and a 3D mapping navigation. NAO-Campus® is used for business use case in particular but also for mass market applications to improve  accessibility. May : Promelys Participations (former Avenir Finance Gestion) enters into the capital of Pole Star to speed up the Go-To-Market process of the NAO Product.

  • 2004


    Pole Star earns recognition for its capacity for innovation Pole Star wins the award for Innovative Startup from The French Ministry department of Research.

  • 2002


    Pole Star is born under the sign of technology innovation with the mission to bring to the world,  accurate, reliable, seamless indoor location service for both professional and consumer use cases.