The team : Strong entrepreneur leadership supported by a highly experienced team

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of passionate people and experts who work to make sure to exceed the expectations of our customers, while respecting its primary mission: to carry out Indoor Localization projects for everyone, inside all buildings. The entire Pole Star team demonstrates professionalism and ensures the feasibility and realization of your most complex projects.
  • Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder - Toulouse & Evanston

    Christian Carle

  • Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder - Toulouse

    Jean Chenebault

  • Chief Scientist - Toulouse

    Baptiste Godefroy

  • Algorithm Engineer - Toulouse

    Laétitia Lamard

  • Head of Customer Service EMEA - Toulouse

    Nicolas Rocher

  • IoT Engineer - Toulouse

    Tarik Chalal

  • Cloud Technical Lead - Toulouse

    Thanh Long Nguyen

  • Cloud software engineer - Toulouse

    Florian Degardins

  • Mobile Software Technical Lead - Toulouse

    Jaouad Chouki

  • Mobile Software Developer - Toulouse

    Xavier Lami

  • VP Sales EMEA - Toulouse

    Anne Monié

  • Pre-sales Engineer EMEA - Toulouse

    Stéphane Pradines

  • Executive Assistant, Human Ressources - Toulouse

    Anne-Sophie Marchal

  • Chief Financial Officer - Toulouse

    Susanne Madier

  • Executive Assistant - Toulouse

    Ambre Galy

  • US Technical Manager - Chicago

    Quentin Sylvestre

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