SMART BUILDING or how to create truly transformative indoor environments

A building is any structure with a roof and walls. A Smart building on the other hand has the power to transform your business and people's lives for the better. Our all-in-one indoor positioning solution delivers smart buildings that will help you optimize any space while ensuring maximum user comfort. Whether you operate an office building, a mall, a hospital or airport, we have the experience and best-in-class indoor location technology to create Smart Buildings. Our indoor-positioning enabled location based services will help you increase the energy efficiency and security of your building, while improving visitor satisfaction and empowering employees to work more effectively. Not to mention maximizing your ROI.
Smart Buildings for improved user experience

Smarter, better managed spaces

With our fast and easy to implement indoor-positioning solution you can make any building smart, no matter how vast or complex. These are just a few of the location-based services possible with our solution:

  • Turn-by-Turn navigation and Wayfinding to help employees get around fast and easily
  • Share my location to help people connect with eachother and network instantly.
  • Indoor analytics to gain valuable insight into how your space is being used, optimize space and resources, and improve energy efficiency (monitor visitor footfall and dwell times..)
  • Asset and people tracking to  improve security, streamline workflows, and empower employees to work more efficiently.


Setting up your Smart Building

Today it is easier than ever to create a smart building. We have all you need: NAO Bluespot BLE beacons, NAO Maps, NAO SDKs, NAO Track and the NAO Cloud platform to allow you  to manage all your LBS services totally autonomously! Contact us today to get started.

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