HEALTHCARE - Hospitals are among the most complex and challenging facilities in the world

Healthcare networks have to face big challenges such as improving the patient and visitor experience, increasing staff and operational productivity and reducing costs. This is precisely where the NAO suite will help you to implement lndoor Location Based Services to meet these challenges.


With Pole Star, it is easy to get from one place to another, reducing the stress often generated by time wasted when a visitor is looking for a patient’s room or when a member of staff must quickly locate an operating room, equipment or a patient.

With its indoor geolocation solutions, Pole Star offers navigation and space management tools that efficiently answer medical equipment and healthcare staff location requirements as well as tracking patients in the hospital.

Hence thanks to Pole Star technology, healthcare organizations can increase productivity, and establish statistics about visits and people transiting from one place to another.


Pole Star technology answers indoor location requirements and challenges in the healthcare sector.
Technological investments in hospitals are driven by the objective of both reducing costs and improving the quality of care and services. Indoor geolocation is an optimal solution in healthcare organizations to safeguard people (hospital staff and patients) as well as medical equipment.

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