Wayfinding, asset tracking and patient tracking are just some of the location-based services helping healthcare facilities better satisfy the needs of patients and their families while improving the quality of care and operational efficiency.
Asset and patient tracking for healthcare facilities

How wayfinding is improving patient and visitor experience

Hospitals are among the most complex venues to navigate. Patients often waste precious time and energy as well as feeling undue stress looking for different services or wards. Visitors may also have trouble finding patients’ rooms. Wayfinding is just one of the indoor location services that make it easy to  get to where you need to go even in very large healthcare facilities. Consequently, patients can make it to their appointments independently and on time, giving them peace of mind. Indoor positioning services also  reduce waiting room bottlenecks while enabling caregivers to connect with patients faster improving overall efficiency.

Patient tracking to improve quality of care

Patient safety is a key priority in hospitals. Location based services such as patient tracking enable to locate and keep track of patients quickly and easily reducing potential accidents. This is especially important for more vulnerable patients such as people with Alzheimer’s or younger children. In the event of an emergency situation, patients can be located immediately to deliver urgent care faster and more efficiently.  Patients also no longer have to wait needlessly in a waiting room. With patient tracking they are free to move around or take a break in the cafeteria until they receive an alert informing them in real-time that their turn is up. Tracking also allows staff to find their co-workers fast allowing them to focus on delivering the highest quality patient care. Hence, Location based services bring peace of mind to staff, families and the patients themselves.

Asset tracking for greater efficiency

In healthcare facilities time is of the essence. Our indoor location services such as asset tracking allow staff to locate critical medical equipment immediately. It is also used to monitor inventory and reduce waste or shrinkage. These are just some of the many ways that indoor positioning services can help healthcare facilities improve the quality of care and services while keeping costs down. To find out how our indoor location solution and location-based services are transforming the face of healthcare explore our Use Cases.

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