Indoor location takes the stress out of travelling in large transportation hubs such as airports or train stations by driving the development of location-based services such as door-to-door navigation or delivery of location-specific content tailored to visitor needs. LBS are also improving operational efficiency, safety and the bottom line for travel hub operators and merchants by optimizing use of space, monitoring passenger flows, reducing bottlenecks, and opening up new opportunities for proximity marketing.
Location based services for airports

How location-based services improve traveler experience

Within transportation hubs, getting from one point to another can be time-consuming and often challenging due to long security checks, closed check-in desks, and the large distances to navigate. Location-based services f such as turn-by-turn navigation help travelers find their gate, family or friends, or the fastest check-in lines along with many other innovative passenger services.
Less time spent searching for your destination means greater peace of mind and more time to relax and enjoy the increasingly wide choice of shops and restaurants available in travel venues. Passengers can opt in to receive location-specific content tailored to their interests such as special offers from shops or restaurants for a more enriching travel experience.

Creating added value for transportation hubs

Our Indoor positioning solution makes it possible to implement a wide range of location-based services  to significantly reduce congestion in travel hubs due to the ever-increasing flow of passengers, heightened security measures and often limited capacity. Indoor analytics deliver invaluable insights about visitor flows, footfall and dwell times to better optimize space, more effectively allocate resources and improve security measures.

Location-based services to engage with travelers

LBS  also create countless new opportunities for travel hub merchants or restaurants to engage with visitors by delivering real-time, location specific content such as special offers or production information and highly targeted messages to better serve their needs.

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