Wayfinding and other LBS for exceptional events

As the organizer of a special event, trade show or convention, the priority is to ensure that visitors optimize their time and have a great experience. With our all-in-one indoor positioning solution, event organizers can fast and easily set up wayfinding and other value-added location based services (LBS) such as geofencing, asset or people tracking and indoor analytics to create exceptional events, increase visitor satisfaction and optimize ROI.
location-based services for exceptional events

How wayfinding and other LBS make happy visitors

Indoor positioning and location-based services such as wayfinding are changing how visitors experience events such as trade fairs, shows or congresses. No more getting lost or wandering round aimlessly in search of a booth or co-workers. LBS allow event organisers to treat every visitor like a VIP. Wayfinding and location sharing help visitors get to where they want to go fast and easily while connecting with co-workers or friends. Geofencing enables delivery of location-specific targeted content tailored to visitors’ specific interests for a more enriching event experience.

How LBS improves ROI for event organizers and exhibitors

Pole Star offers a wide range of indoor location solutions designed to allow integrators, app developers, and end to end solution providers to improve visitor engagement. Thanks to geofencing, events organizers and exhibitors can deliver targetted messages to visitors such as personalized greetings, or information about points of interest, thereby increasing visitor loyalty (geopush actions) and satisfaction. Indoor analytics provide better understanding of visitor behavior such as analyses of visitor flow and dwell times in the different zones of any venue. This allows event organizers to optimize their space, improve security and their overall  ROI.

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