SNCF Gares & Connexions, has chosen Pole Star to execute one of its strategic digital projects: equipping all 300 French train stations with indoor location beacons and service.

Beacon en Gare, Indoor location available in all French train stations

Pole Star has been selected to deploy its NAO™ technology and indoor location solution in 300 train stations in France. The first one hundred stations will be equipped in 2018 with over 2500 beacons. Pole Star technology will be integrated into several SNCF applications including “En Gare”, TGV Pro, and RER C, which will provide real-time assistance to travelers.

This project will make indoor geolocation service and beacon infrastructure available to all of the group’s partners and customers, delivering innovative digital services to professionals and travelers in train stations.

SNCF train stations accommodate over 10 million travelers a day who use smartphones and mobile apps. There are over 1500 shops in train stations. Indoor geolocation not only makes the traveler’s itinerary easier and more seamless it also delivers information at the right time and in the right place about hours, train station services and shops.

Train Stations
10 000
We want to let the client decide how to spend time in the station, not only finding their way but also discovering more services.