RTLS (Real-Time Location System) is used to track assets and people instantly in any environment. Whatever the venue-a hospital, warehouse, office building or building site, our advanced RTLS solution, NAO TRACK, helps businesses improve efficiency and safety, while optimizing their investments.

NAO TRACK RTLS system for asset and people tracking

Why use RTLS?

RTLS has many different applications across multiple sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and building management. In fact Real time location systems are rapidly changing the way businesses manage and protect their assets. Here are just a few examples.

More efficient, better run healthcare facilities

RTLS asset and people tracking is used to instantly locate visitors, patients and staff and track medical equipment in real-time. This makes it easier to connect patients to caregivers resulting in shorter waiting times for appointments. It also enables optimal use of medical equipment, which can be immediately located by staff, and faster response times to emergency situations. In short, RTLS is driving more efficient, better quality healthcare and improved patient safety and satisfaction.

Smarter, safer workplaces

RTLS is making all kinds of work environments smarter and more streamlined from office buildings to factories and building sites. Applications include visualizing and analyzing the flow of goods, keeping track of inventory, building materials and equipment, or monitoring the movements of employees in restricted or dangerous areas. The benefits  are potentially huge from more efficient processes, reduced waste and losses to better use of resources and improved employee safety and productivity.