New POLE STAR Joins the ArubaEdge certified partner network

Through this certification, Pole Star’s NAO® SDK and Pole Star’s NAO® Track becomes a part of the ArubaEdge technology partner ecosystem, to help enterprises confidently embrace digital transformation and extend the capabilities of their existing Aruba infrastructure with Pole Star’s award-winning location services platform.

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Indoor Mapping to take the unknown out of any indoor venue

What is the point of having very accurate and reliable Indoor Location data if mapping inside buildings is poor?
This why at Pole Star we deliver a fully integrated, seamless indoor mapping and indoor positioning solution to take your understanding of your indoor space to the next level.

Indoor mapping for indoor location


Integrating an interactive 2D or 3D map into a mobile application allows your visitors to access location information (“where am I”), turn-by-turn guidance and navigation services, and intelligent, interactive route planning. With our indoor positioning service, we deliver mapping SDKs which make it possible to import the mapping on the NAO Cloud platform, and to easily integrate it into any Mobile application with all of the associated functions (points of interest, route planning, etc.). Our solutions are available on Android and iOS.