THE NAO SDK SYSTEM - To power your mobile app and turn it into a valuable Indoor Location Based Services

Everything has been designed so that indoor location is as simple to implement as GPS outside. The NAO SDK (Software Development Kit) is simple to integrate into your mobile app. This unique SDK offers a full set of services you will be able to easily configure and monitor thanks to the NAO Cloud platform.


Today Pole Star provides mobile application developers with the NAO SDK software, consolidating its leadership position on the indoor location market. An invaluable component of the Pole Star solution, NAO SDK software is the product of our extensive expertise and operational experience, technological innovation backed by years of research, and close collaboration with customers. NAO SDK answers the simplest to most complex usage requirements easily while delivering the highest quality performance and reliability.


  • Output
    3D location fix in WGS084 format + confidence  circle typically corresponding to 90% confidence Geonotifications (ID, name, content, end time)
  • Location algorithm
    Foreground mode with full fusion (BLE or Wi-Fi/MEMS/GPS/map)
    Background location mode
    Smooth indoor/outdoor transitions
    Device centric. Works offline
  • Geonotification
    Beacon proximity mode
    Fine geonotification,  leveraging background location
  • Data synchronization
    Geonotification events can be synchronized up to NAO® Cloud for computing location analytics.
    Configuration files (PDB and alerts.JSON) are synchronized in background from NAO® Cloud. When the download is completed, the NAO® SDK automatically restarts to apply the new settings. Controlled by the application through the API.
    Configuration files can be preloaded in the assets of the SDK for inclusion in the mobile application package that is downloaded by the end user from the stores (Google Play Store, Apple AppStore), for immediate use with no additional synchronization need)
    Beacons monitoring. The NAO® SDK can listen to surrounding beacons, including their telemetry frames (NAO® BlueSpot beacons only), and upload these statuses to NAO® Cloud for monitoring the beacons.
  • Sensor Management
    Smart sensor management for low power consumption. GPS and motion sensors only turned on when necessary.
    Automatic, self-learned adaptation to the sensors of different devices for homogeneous quality of service across all compatible devices.
  • Security
    Registration to the SDK through a secret key that is associated with authorized sites in NAO® Cloud.
    The PDB, that contains location calibration data, is encrypted and can only be read by the NAO® SDK if registration was performed with the key corresponding to the appropriate site.
  • Configurable from NAO Cloud. In 95% cases, default settings applyBroad set of configuration parameters available in NAO® Cloud enabling to remotely control the SDK.