THE NAO CLOUD PLATFORM - The all In One platform giving access to all the Pole Star products and services

The NAO Cloud platform has been designed to make it easy to implement Indoor Location service. Because not everyone is a specialist, we decided at Pole Star to make your life easier, by designing a platform with a unique access to all the resources which will make your business easier. Whether for unique single venue or large campuses or a whole smart city with multiple buildings, NAO Cloud guarantees the scalability of the solution and will make your life easy.


The NAO Cloud platform is the gateway to deploying geolocation services 100% autonomously. NAO Cloud simplifies the deployment, monitoring, scalability and maintenance of all Pole Star indoor location services. A multi-solution platform, NAO Cloud is our customer and partner interface. It can be tailored to your needs and provides access to all location data collected (analytics).

With NAO Cloud you can now remotely define and manage your indoor location needs:

  • Order NAO BlueSpot beacons online
  • Test and deploy our solutions with one simple click thanks to the NAO Logger deployment tool: geofencing, geolocation, proximity detection, guidance…It allows you to open a NAO Cloud account and create your own project.
  • Manage and maintain your indoor location service and beacons at your sites.
  • Download all the technical document and supports that you need.

Thanks to NAO Cloud, deploying and managing your geolocation mobile services couldn’t be easier. NAO Cloud allows fast deployment on multiple sites and campuses, both small and large, in just a few clicks and a few hours. By automating the deployment process, Pole Star considerably reduces deployment times and costs.


Accessible via NAO Cloud, the Analytics dashboard is entirely configurable and customizable. It allows the user to easily and ergonomically visualize flows, visit times, and occupancy rates of defined places and zones, depending on the criteria selected.


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