UniHA selects Pole Star to improve patient journey management and analysis

UniHA, acutely aware of the value that Indoor geolocation brings to hospitals in patient care and operational efficiency, has selected our solutions to support its 1,032 member hospitals and its 112 hospital groups (GHT ), with their patient journey management
Patient flow monitoring

Hospital bed and patient tracking #RTLS


Health care facilities face many issues related to patient flows such as:

  • Frequent delays and patient no-shows without any means of anticipation which lead to significant financial losses, disorganization of appointment schedules and unexpected load peaks ,
  • Forgotten or lost patients who result in wasted time for the medical staff and engage the responsibility of the health care facility in the event of an incident or accident,
  • A loss of efficiency linked to poor visibility and analysis of the patient journey in key services such as outpatient surgery.

Pole Star would like to thank UniHA, the first GPO (Groupe Purchasing Organization) dedicated to public French hospitals, for demonstrating their trust in the capacity of  Pole Star solutions to support its 1032 member hospitals and its 112 hospital groups (GHT), with the management of their patient journey.


By choosing Pole Star, UniHA recognizes our experience, our know-how and the excellence of our solutions.

  • We offer a turnkey response available both on smartphone and on tags on the basis of a unified infrastructure allowing:
    • passive, real-time multi-user guidance (professionals, visitors, patients) and geolocation on smartphones
    • Monitoring the patient journey on smartphones or wristband tags for emergency or outpatient services.
    • A feature to optimize patient and resource planning in real time as well as flow statistics.


Benefits for the patient and the hospital staff include improved patient experience and wellbeing thanks to:

  • A reduction in delays and a 3% reduction in canceled appointments,
  • Improved management of waiting times,
  • a more fluid organization of the patient journey between the different departments,
  • Optimized flows and improved productivity, particularly in surgery units, making it possible to accommodate and treat 10% more patients in outpatient care.

About Pole Star:

Pioneer and World leader in Indoor Positioning Systems, including mobile-centric positioning technologies and RTLS, Pole Star has been recognized by Gartner as a key solution provider to enterprises looking to solve location-of-things-related challenges. Based in Toulouse, France and Chicago, Illinois, USA, Pole Star has already deployed its solutions in 60+ hospitals, helping these care facilities to manage and optimize the patient journey, medical asset flows and care givers security.

Visit www.polestarusa.com and say hello to the team on Linkedin and Twitter.


UniHA at glance:

UniHA, is a cooperative GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) for French public hospitals. In close collaboration with its selected suppliers, UniHA is helping to innovate in a new approach to purchasing activity.
It is the leading French public buyer, with more than 5.02 billion euros in purchases in 2020 and a volume of gains on purchases of 117 M€. UniHA is one of the main European buyers in the healthcare sector and one of the leading national buyers, all sectors of activity combined.
The essential challenge: to provide our fellow citizens with the best available treatment, high-quality hospital service and to preserve equal access to care.

www.uniha.org . Twitter