Pole Star joined the French Healthcare Association

Pole Star joined the French Healhtcare Association community to contribute to the promotion and export of French excellence in the field of digitization of healthcare facilities

Medical asset tracking and patient flow management

The French Healthcare Association is  an organization designed as an animation tool of healthcare and all related system & technology providers as well as a collective marketing tool of the French expertise.

Pole Star joined this community to contribute to the French Healthcare association mission and in particular in the field of the digitalization of hospitals. Indeed, primary Pole Star’s mission is to provide the tools to healthcare facilities aiming at improving the patient care and safety, facilitating daily work and strengthen the safety of caregivers and thus give them more time and serenity to take care of patients.

With 10 years of experience in the field of health, based in Europe (Toulouse, France) in the United States (Chicago, USA) with more than sixty hospitals, clinics and age care facilities located in North America, Australia and Europe, relying on Pole Star solutions and its advanced indoor location technologies we are happy to join this growing community and to contribute to the mission of the French Healthcare Association.

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