Indoor positioning is the key to implementing a wide range of innovative location based services to get maximum value from your venue. From improved user experience to smarter solutions, more efficient workflows and insight-rich analytics, indoor positioning and indoor navigation let you tap into unprecedented value creation.
Indoor positioning for smart buildings

Why choose our indoor positioning solution?

We are a leader and a pioneer in indoor positioning and indoor navigation with:

  • More than fifteen years’ proven industry experience,
  • More than 35 million meters squared of coverage,
  • Customers in 35 countries.NAO suite, our all-in-one indoor positioning solution is accurate, reliable, and easy to implement. It operates in the most complex environments and brings added value to a broad range of verticals such as healthcare, retail, transportation hubs, and smart offices and manufacturing.

Indoor positioning applications

Thanks to our unrivalled track record and customer feedback, Pole Star products have been optimized for a broad range of use cases. From enhancing user experience, to increasing user engagement, to improving business efficiency and safety, our indoor positioning solution unlocks value and opportunity.

Creating value in your mobile apps

Way Finding & Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Help users get to where they need to go fast and easily in complex indoor environments such as an airport, an office building, or trade show.

Find my Friends and location sharing

Locate friends or coworkers and network quickly and easy in any indoor environment.

Streamline workflow, improve workplace efficiency and increase safety

Asset tracking

Quickly and easily know where your assets are in real-time for improved maintenance. Better manage your inventory, reduce losses and optimize use of space.

People tracking

In healthcare organizations, help keep patients safer. Enable caregivers to connect with patients and other staff faster and easier. Increase user satisfaction while improving efficiency. Improve the safety of staff on building sites or other high risk sites. Monitor anyone who enters or exits a high risk or classified area.
Learn more about NAO Track, our asset and people tracking solution.


Create a virtual boundary around a defined geographic area to trigger an alert or action. Deliver real-time location specific content to enhance the user experience. Better engage with and satisfy customers by sending targeted alerts.
Find out more about our geofencing solution.


Gain access to real-time data analytics for invaluable insights into user behavior and more informed business decisions. Find out more about how our indoor analytics can transform your business.

How our indoor positioning service works

Our indoor positioning solution is based on a unique hybrid technology, powerful fusion engine and intelligent management of all data sources. It uses embedded sensors (accelerometer, compass, gyrometer, pressure sensor, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS) and can be adapted to any type of environment while minimizing battery drain.

Discover the use cases