Indoor analytics help you make the most out of your indoor location data by transforming information into insight. The potential benefits to any business or venue are enormous from improving customer experience to optimizing resources, streamlining processes, and increasing the overall bottom line.
Indoor location analytics for better business decisions

Indoor Analytics: the Benefits

Analytics uses real-time location data analysis to provide invaluable insights into how visitors or users are engaging with your indoor venue. Whether you operate a mall, a healthcare organization, an airport, a factory or any other large indoor venue, the  potential benefits of indoor analytics are wide-ranging:

  • Use space and resources more efficiently by monitoring visitor footfall including number of visitors, frequency of visits and dwell times,
  • Optimize work processes and efficiency by tracking how and where equipment and assets are used by employees,
  • keep better track of inventory and reduce shrinkage or losses
  • Improve visitor experience and satisfaction through better understanding of customer behavior, analysis of customer journeys
  • Understand how customers are interacting with your location
  • Evaluate the impact of mobile marketing campaigns,
  • Tailor your venue or space to earn maximum ROI.

How to set up indoor analytics

Our indoor analytics solution couldn’t be easier to set up. Using our own SDK embedded in your application, our solution can be implemented across any venue no matter how large or complex with a simple click on the NAO Cloud platform. It’s that easy! Our all-in-one indoor location solution includes our own BLE beacons, SDKs and NAO Cloud platform-all you need to set up indoor analytics today.

Indoor analytics is just one component of our indoor positioning solution. As a leader and pioneer in indoor positioning with over 15 years in the field and more than 35 million square meters covered all over the world, we have the expertise to answer all of your indoor positioning needs. Find out more about our all-in-one indoor positioning solution.