GEOFENCING for real-time, location specific content and enhanced user experience

Geofencing offers countless new opportunities to engage with users in real-time delivering targeted location-specific content to better satisfy their needs. Setting up geofences can also improve the safety and productivity of your business by letting you know where your resources are within a defined zone thanks to asset tracking.
Geofencing for smart work environments

How geofencing works

Geofencing sets up a virtual fence or boundary around a defined geographic zone. When  a person or object enters the zone with an enabled mobile device, their presence is detected. Consequently, geofencing allows you to monitor who or what is entering, exiting or dwelling in the zone. It is often used to trigger an alert or action based on the user’s location.

Setting up geofencing

Our comprehensive solution requires only a few of our BLE beacons, NAO BlueSpot, and  is very easy to set up. With NAO suite, geofences are simply drawn on the map from the NAO Cloud platform.

Delivering location-relevant content

Geofencing creates new opportunities to enhance the visitor experience in any indoor venue. For example when the visitor approaches a point of interest or POI such as a work of art in a museum or a favorite store, it triggers an alert and the user receives real-time location-specific, ultra-relevant messages. In other words, our solution offers countless possibilities for location based marketing, allowing you to target, re-target and engage with visitors wherever they are.

Ultra accurate zone entry and exit detection for people and asset tracking

The powerful NAO location engine allows ultra-accurate detection of visitor or asset entry and exit from virtual zones or geofences. You can use it to monitor anyone or anything entering restricted or high risk areas. You can also use it to  monitor when valuable equipment or data leaves a defined zone. Consequently, Geofencing and location based services are an invaluable tool to improve enterprise security.

Find out more about NAO Track our people and asset tracking solution.

Connect with BMS (Building Management Systems)

Geofencing allows you to accurately monitor workplace and residential environments for connected, Smart Office and Residential Buildings and optimal use of space. You can use it in a vast range of ways in Smart Buildings to deliver targeted user/tenant assistance, improve energy efficiency, and streamline management processes.