Tags are fastened to the wrists of patients or rolling lockers. The tags send signals which are captured by beacons installed on the walls. The beacons make physical measurements based on these signals, send the measurements to our servers which calculate the position in real time. These positions are then sent to the Ambustage platform which exploits them.

In the era of digitalization, Icade no longer settles for just building walls, it also enables them to talk. With the help of tracking specialists such as Pole Star, Icade Santé has designed and developed a system for geolocating patients in the ambulatory setting to enable operating facilities to function more efficiently and to care for as many patients as possible.

Bezannes is a 22 unit operating theater that opened on May 22, 2018. It quickly became apparent that Bezannes functions on a just-in-time basis, mainly for ambulatory services. There were more than 22 000 interventions, of which over one third concerned endoscopies. Hence we decided to prioritize the fluidity of the patient itinerary throughout the ambulatory service using Ambustage for the endoscopy.

Ambustage allows us to geolocate the patient and the bedside locker to which he has been assigned. Currently, the Ambustage system allows us to know exactly where we are in each operating program for all the actors involved in the operating block. This allows us to prepare the patients as they arrive in the room. If the first patient is still in the procedure room in spite of his or her allotted intervention time, then we wait to prepare the second patient, who remains in the waiting room. The objective is also to avoid preparing patients too early. Up until now, we were unable to know what was happening in the operating block. Once the patient had left for the block, we did not know whether he was in the procedure room or in the recovery room and we could not prepare the next patient

Hence, the doctor can easily locate and come see his patient thanks to the Ambustage software. Before, the doctor had to consult a list on which he or she did not necessarily find the patient or even directly look for the patient by going from room to room in old facilities. It is no longer possible to work this way given that we have 60 places. The doctor looks on the software program and quickly finds the location of the patient (listed by alphabetical order). This also means that the doctor no longer has to repeatedly solicit the administrative and nursing staff.

The interest of this project is that it involved a group of people working together who in a very short time period each shared their expertise and experience. The project was made possible thanks to Icade with its expertise in buildings, Pole Star for indoor positioning, Mobiapps in terms of mobile app development, and especially our partners in the clinic who enthusiastically worked with us to develop the application. The latter specified their needs and expectations while we proposed functions that they had not even thought about.

22 000
Unit operating
patients per day
Thanks to assistance and support from Icade Santé and Pole Star the groupe Courlancy Santé has taken another vital step towards achieving connected healthcare. A few months ago the group adopted the Ambustage tool which secures and fluidifies our outpatient hospital care. Today this tool so effectively ensures streamlined, fluid patient care that our care providers can no longer do without it.
Elien Meynard
Reims-Bezannes Clinic, Director