New UniHA selects Pole Star to improve patient journey management and analysis

UniHA, acutely aware of the value that Indoor geolocation brings to hospitals in patient care and operational efficiency, has selected our solutions

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15 May 2021

RTLS : Concrete use for hospital day-to-day life

I. ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH RTLS: THE INDOOR POSITIONING SOLUTION CONNECTED TO YOUR HOSPITAL? A more digital, more efficient ecosystem At Mackensie Health, they see smart hospital systems as the solution. It has been estimated that there will be approximately 50 billion devices connected : “the Internet of Healthcare things”. In fact, transforming such large, […]

10 May 2021

Flow management in hospitals : Improving the health and wellbeing of healthcare staff with indoor positioning.

I – IMPROVE INTERCONNECTIONS IN HOSPITAL WITH INDOOR POSITIONING The key satisfaction factor for patients is how smooth their itinerary is, especially in outpatient centers. Indoor positioning solutions can significantly reduce the time patients wait for appointments while improving patient and visitor flow and more effectively connecting healthcare staff to patients. According to the Institute […]

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