18 September 2023

Leading the Way: Hospitals Powered by Pole Star’s technology Shine in Newsweek’s World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2024

We are thrilled to share some exciting news in the world of healthcare technology! Newsweek’s latest report on the “World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2024” has just been released, and it’s filled with groundbreaking insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare facilities around the globe. In this year’s prestigious ranking of the top hospitals worldwide, […]

20 January 2023

The impact of violence in healthcare facilities

Violence in healthcare facilities can have serious negative impacts on patients, staff, and the facility itself. Patients may experience physical harm or psychological trauma, staff may experience physical harm or emotional distress, and the facility may suffer damage to its infrastructure or reputation. Additionally, violence can lead to increased health care costs, decreased staff morale, […]

23 June 2022

Why the patient no-show is a daily challenge for the hospital, the caregivers and the patient?

Very interesting article on patient’s perspective about a very well known issue for healthcare facilities: the “no-show” with all the consequences for the patient and the caregivers. This is why indoor location based app with digital wayfinding and step by step navigation can be an important part of the hospital efficiency improvement and of a […]

26 April 2022

How does indoor positioning meet hospital requirements ?

In 2021, according to AHA figures, there were 33,356,853  admissions in 6,093 hospitals across the USA representing 920,531 staffed beds. In addition, as of January 19th, 2022, according to ourworldindata.org, USA health centers recorded 154,540 COVID-19 patients in hospitals and 128,589 COVID-19 patients in hospitals were recorded in western Europe. At a time when the […]

2 February 2022

What’s the hospital of the future?

What effects will new digital technologies have on the structure of traditional hospitals?

15 May 2021

RTLS : Concrete use for hospital day-to-day life

I. ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH RTLS: THE INDOOR POSITIONING SOLUTION CONNECTED TO YOUR HOSPITAL? A more digital, more efficient ecosystem At Mackensie Health, they see smart hospital systems as the solution. It has been estimated that there will be approximately 50 billion devices connected : “the Internet of Healthcare things”. In fact, transforming such large, […]

10 May 2021

Flow management in hospitals : Improving the health and wellbeing of healthcare staff with indoor positioning.

I – IMPROVE INTERCONNECTIONS IN HOSPITAL WITH INDOOR POSITIONING The key satisfaction factor for patients is how smooth their itinerary is, especially in outpatient centers. Indoor positioning solutions can significantly reduce the time patients wait for appointments while improving patient and visitor flow and more effectively connecting healthcare staff to patients. According to the Institute […]

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