Why the patient no-show is a daily challenge for the hospital, the caregivers and the patient?

Very interesting article on patient’s perspective about a very well known issue for healthcare facilities: the “no-show” with all the consequences for the patient and the caregivers. This is why indoor location based app with digital wayfinding and step by step navigation can be an important part of the hospital efficiency improvement and of a succesfull patient journey.

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Why the patient no-show is a daily challenge for the hospital, the caregivers and the patient?

MRI Quest – an Ealing Hospital adventure

Time to map our hospitals better

I arrived at my local hospital at 8.30 yesterday for a 9 am appointment and it turned into quite an adventure. My mission – to find Ealing Hospital’s MRI Unit, ideally within 15 minutes because there is a deal of admin to go through before you have a scan. (There is a long form to fill in where you have to remember whether there is any metal inside your body – a pacemaker, fragments of bullets, a teaspoon and so on).

First stop, main reception. “MRI unit? Straight on, turn left, past the pharmacy, down the stairs, and through the doors – it’s actually outside.” Off I trotted and within seconds was lost – as my wife will tell you, I am the world’s worst navigator.

I stopped a hospital worker, and got the same instructions about heading for the pharmacy. I trotted on down the endless blue corridors, got lost again, asked someone else – then, miracles of miracles, spotted an actual sign to the MRI Unit. Disappointingly, it turned out to be like those signs to “‘The North’ as you leave London, petering out after a while leaving you somewhere indeterminate.

But then suddenly I’d cracked it – I was standing at Ultrasound and MRI Reception. I gave my name, said I was here for an 0900 appointment, and the receptionist smiled and gave me a piece of paper. It seemed I had only completed Phase 1 of MRI Quest […]

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