New POLE STAR Joins the ArubaEdge certified partner network

Through this certification, Pole Star’s NAO® SDK and Pole Star’s NAO® Track becomes a part of the ArubaEdge technology partner ecosystem, to help enterprises confidently embrace digital transformation and extend the capabilities of their existing Aruba infrastructure with Pole Star’s award-winning location services platform.

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Connected Healthcare: A new big success for our NAO Track solution

Congratulations to ICADE, our partner who received the 2019 Mipim Award in the “Best Healthcare Development” category for the Ambu’Stage project implementation in the Reims-Bezannes polyclinic of the Courlancy Group

We are proud to be part of this amazing project, Ambu’Stage powered by the NAO Track technology by Pole Star.

This geolocation service improves the efficiency of outpatient care, significantly assists the staff and improved patient journey.

This saves an incredible amount of time on the operating programs.

How it works:

Tags are fastened to the wrists of patients and their rolling lockers. The tags send signals which are captured by antennas (NAO BlueListeners) installed on the walls. The antenna make physical measurements based on these signals, send the measurements to our servers which calculate the position in real time. These positions are then sent to the Ambustage platform which exploits them.

Ambustage allows to geolocate the patient and his/her rolling locker to which he has been assigned. Currently, the Ambustage system allows to know exactly where the staff is in each operating program for all the actors involved in the operating block. This allows to prepare the patients as they arrive in the room.

Thanks to our partners ICADE, Mobiapps and  VisioGlobe for this winning partnership

To know more about the 2019 Mipim Award in the “Best Healthcare Development” category for the Ambu’Stage project