The new collaboration between Pole Star and Schneider Electric: the Best-In-Class application for COP 21

As part of their respective commitment toward the climate change, the two companies collaborate to deliver the Best-In-Class technological Mobile solution contributing to improve the delegates experience during the COP21 conference.

Thanks to the Pole Star technology, delegates having downloaded the dedicated Mobile application, will have access to step by step navigation and way finding services available in the entire le Bourget Exhibition area. Beyond conventional information about the event, the Mobile application powered by NAO Campus ®, will enable the visitor to be guided automatically from his initial position, on the basis of its centers of interest, exhibitors, conferences, demonstrations… Among other features and services aiming at improving the visitor experience, delegates will also have the opportunity to share their real time position with pre-selected contacts thus optimizing networking during the visit. 

This collaboration between Pole Star and Schneider Electric prefigures how Indoor Location technology can unlocked additional added Values for the Schneider Electric’s business. Indeed, the two companies are working together on large “Smart & Connected Buildings” projects leveraging the Pole Star technology to bring new innovative and reliable services to Schneider Electric’s customers. Download the COP21 app here!

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