Pole Star will participate in two round table events at the Toulouse Space Show 2012, June 25-28, Centre de Congrès Piere Baudis

Pole Star, a pioneer and international expert in geolocation inside buildings and in urban environments, will explain how geo-located mobile applications make it easier and more enriching to get around in today’s urban world.

Available on Smartphones, these applications integrate geo-location by using GPS and telecom networks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth…) to allow users to accurately locate their position with seamless indoor and outdoor transition. They provide turn by turn guidance, making it easier to get around by car, on foot, or using public transportation. They save time, improve autonomy and in particular for people with limited mobility, and provide useful, context based information depending on the user’s location. In addition, geolocated applications allow urban sites and shops to track visitor flow and increase visitor traffic.

The NAO Campus indoor location solution, available since 2009, compensates for the fact that satellite signals do not work inside urban buildings where we spend 80% of our time. This solution has created a full-scale revolution in this increasingly mobile world, where the smartphone now has the potential to be a genuine mobility tool for urban residents and visitors.