Pole Star and Visioglobe, a winning partnership for innovative mobile location-based services.

Pole Star, the leader and pioneer of the indoor positioning market and Visioglobe, the European leader in 3D interactive mapping solutions, have paired their technologies together for several years. This complementary collaboration has resulted in numerous delivered solutions to provide a complete and powerful indoor positioning. Their synergy is based on the combination of Visioglobe’s 3D interactive mapping and guidance system together with Pole Star’s indoor positioning system. Both solutions are embedded by the development team into the final customer’s applications.

Pole Star provides a complete suite for the deployment of mobile location-based services: the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 NAO BlueSpot, indoor positioning system with NAO Campus, proximity detection with NAO Micro, administration and deployment platform NAO Cloud including analytics visits.

Visioglobe publishes an innovative software solution for 3D visualization and navigation on mobile, web and kiosk. VisioMapEditor, the web-based Saas software by Visioglobe, allows customers to create, update and publish in real time their maps. The core business is focused on creating immersive, design and interactive maps for indoor and outdoor sites.

Pole Star and Visioglobe have met the needs of numerous international clients from diverse industries: retail, events, leisure, health care or key accounts. Currently, the majority of Pole Star contracts are partnered with Visioglobe.

With more than 15 sites covered all over the world, Pole Star and Visioglobe are a winning partnership thanks to their advanced complementary and easily integrated technology.
Pole Star and Visioglobe confirm their continued partnership on retail focused projects, which is an expanding sector.

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