MEDICA 2019. D Day. Season 1, Ep#4: Outpatient surgery

"Today this tool so effectively ensures streamlined fluid patient care that our care providers can no longer do without it."


Patient safety is a key priority in hospitals. Location based services such as patient location enable to locate and keep track of patients quickly and easily reducing potential accidents. This is especially important for more vulnerable patients such as people with Alzheimer’s or younger children. In the event of an emergency situation, patients can be located immediately to deliver urgent care faster and more efficiently.  Patients also no longer have to wait needlessly in a waiting room. With patient tracking they are free to move around or take a break in the cafeteria until they receive an alert informing them in real-time that their turn is up. Tracking also allows staff to find their co-workers fast allowing them to focus on delivering the highest quality patient care. Hence, Location based services bring peace of mind to staff, families and the patients themselves.

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