Connexient™ joins the Pole Star’s partner network.

Connexient™ a US based company is dedicated to creating innovative Indoor Mapping, Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions for Heathlcare. Connexient has created an indoor location application, MediNav™, dedicated to hospitals and Healthcare Networks powered by Pole Star’s Indoor Location technology . NAO Campus and NAO Micro are embedded in the MediNav™ app, and the Indoor Location service is already deployed across several hospitals in the USA to help patients, visitors and staff to find their way into buildings.

Our indoor positioning solutions enhance user experience, help to reduce stress of patients/visitors and improve staff mobility and efficiency. NAO Campus solution provides a 3D positioning solution enabling to ensure guidance of the users to a room or location in a safe and efficient way.

Here is an introducing video of Connexient MediNav™ app: Test our indoor location solution with the platform NAO Cloud.