A resounding success at MEDICA 2019 in Dusseldorf

MEDICA 2019, which drew 121,000 visitors, is over. The time has come to assess the main outcomes for Pole Star.

The show was the ideal opportunity to talk about healthcare professional requirements and expectations, and Pole Star value proposition.

In hospitals, location based services deliver unprecedented value to patients, staff and a broad range of departments. The Pole Star real-time people location solution immediately connects patients to caregivers, as well as visitors, decreasing wait times and empowering staff to focus on providing the best possible care. This means greater peace of mind and improved security and comfort for everyone. Real-time location of assets such as beds, wheelchairs, medical pumps and much more, improves efficiency and reduces wasted resources. In particular, the outpatient surgery department also benefits from optimized use of space and assets for a more efficient, smoother and more comfortable patient journey.

Take a look at the many benefits NAO Track has delivered to an outpatient surgery department at the healthcare Courlancy group in Reims, France


See the press release MEDICA 2019_PRESS RELEASE Nov26,2019