Technical account Manager

Pole Star TAM is a seasoned engineer, with acute product and operational knowledge that will help you benefit from the many years of field experience that only Pole Star has. Wholly part of your team, being present in your office and onsite, the Pole Star Technical Account Manager helps you to integrate, to operate and to make the most of our platform at scale.



Scale operations

  • Supervises the deployments.
  • Manages the FSEs network (including the onboarding of new FSEs).
  • Monitors infrastructure.
  • Guides SDK integration.
  • Ensures proper reporting and resolution of issues.

Align teams

  • Delivers continuous training on processes and best practices tailored for your business.
  • On-boards new team members to bring them up-to-speed.
  • Establishes knowledge about the product capabilities.

Increase Sales Productivity

  • Proposes technical solutions for customer’s needs.
  • Estimates required resources.

Become future-proof 

  • Gives early updates on roadmap.
  • Collects feedbacks.
  • Analyzes your needs and suggests enhancements or new features to Pole Star R&D.


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