Pole Star welcomes the brand new release 4.3 of ANDROID

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 1st , 2013 – TOULOUSE, France August 1st , 2013 – Pole Star, the pioneer and world leader in indoor location technology, is proud to announce the full compatibility of NAO Campus, its Indoor core location technology with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) API, included in the Brand new release of ANDROID 4.3 unveiled recently by Google.

Pole Star’s NAO BlueSpot BLE beacon was already used with the most popular ANDROID devices. Thanks to the recent announcement of Google, NAO BlueSpot can be used with all ANDROID mobile devices under ANDROID 4.3.

The NAO BlueSpot is low cost, autonomous and easy to install beacon which is used among other sensors by NAO Campus, the leading indoor location technology designed by Pole Star, to provide accurate and reliable indoor location service.

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