Pole Star launches the new generation of NAO BlueSpot beacons

Discover the next generation of NAO BlueSpot beacons. Pole Star, thanks to its long field experience gained over the years, the new NAO BlueSpot beacon offers more than 5 years of battery life. The very first lot ordered while still prototyping is already installed on several customers’ venues :

• Plug and Play: no configuration required for compatibility with the NAO suite, pre-configured beacons.
• Over 5 years of battery lifetime in continuous operation (factory configuration), designed to reach 8 years. Exchangeable batteries
• Customizable advertising format: compliant with Apple® IBeacon technology or other protocols such as Google EddyStone.
• Remote maintenance and monitoring without additional cost: beacons health status automatically crowdsourced by our indoor geolocation NAO SDK and centralized in our NAO Cloud platform to a stable control.

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BlueSpot beacon !