Pole Star, is proud to be a new member of The LBMA

We are proud to announce that Pole Star is officially a member of the LBMA association. We have been collaborated with the LBMA since 2016. Asif Khan, President of the association was our moderator at the Connect Day in Silicon Valley.

Thanks to the Pole Star locations in France and in California, Pole Star intents to be an active member in North America and support the LBMA to expand his footprint in Europe and also in France and Belgium.

The Location Based Marketing Association is a international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places and media. Their goal is to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers.

To learn more about it : https://thelbma.com/