NAO™ Indoor Location: value creating technology

La Compagnie de Phalsbourg has set up a Indoor location services at its malls. These services completely answer the company’s baseline which is to invent the France of tomorrow, addressing 2 of 4 pillars, customer service and digitalization


Malls are fast changing and Phalsbourg company is committed to leading this transformation by offering its customers a unique shopping experience and providing its shops with an innovative sales strategy.

Have you ever imagined roller-skating or riding a pony in a mall? Here, you can do that all year round. These activities are accompanied by a digital transformation, mainly based on geolocation. We offer our customers the option of saving their parking spot, guidance to the different shops, and being geo-located in the mall so as to receive offers from our shops in real time.
Geolocation accompanies the customer throughout his shopping experience and itinerary. The service is tailored to his or her habits, needs, and desires, while being local and targeted.

Working with Pole Star has enabled us to implement tools such as combining geolocation with the marketing platform, allowing us to better understand our customers’ needs and expectations.