Hospital: the day after

Why Digital Technology is essential to make the hospital “smarter”

In recent months I have had a lot of conversations with professionals about the absolute necessity to modernize the healthcare system. I have also read many articles and publications which take the same view. While this issue has long been forthcoming, today the crisis has accelerated the debate and highlighted the urgency of taking action. With this in mind, I would like to share my feelings and first conclusions.

A motion blurred photograph of a patient on stretcher or gurney being pushed at speed through a hospital corridor.New corona virus (novel Coronavirus 2019 disease,COVID-19,nCoV).

The COVID-19 pandemic with the Shelter-in-Place orders of more than half of the global population, huge ingoing flows of patients and the saturation of the hospitals has revealed the critical need to speed up the transformation of the entire healthcare system. Now we can start to learn lessons from this unprecedented crisis and implement solutions to the new challenges ahead.

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