Discover the next big thing in asset tracking

We are showcasing at the MWC18 our NAO Track solution the next big thing in Asset Tracking. Asset Tracking but also people location for safety reasons.


Asset Tracking from Pole Star on Vimeo.


For Asset tracking, you have to put a tag on an equipment. A tag can be that form factor, you can find any form factor on the market. They last more or less 2 years. They are read by antennas, called BLE listeners. Signals are reported to our back office, our NAO Cloud platform, that computes the location and delivers an application where you’ll be able to find real time locations, location history, analytics, geofencing, …

And the second architecture: location of tags can be crowdsourced
by our NAO Track+ mobile application. NAO Track+ is located thanks to our mobile location technology. The mobile phone becomes a moving antenna, Those signals measurements and the location of the mobile device, are reported to our NAO Cloud platform where the location of the tag can be computed. This is an extremely low cost solution for asset tracking. This solution can also be combined with the first one based on BLE Listeners.

We have very cost effective means to provide asset tracking wherever you want depending on the target quality of service you are willing to reach.

As our mobile location technology is also able to perform automatic transitions with GPS outdoors, this crowdsourced asset tracking solution even works outdoors. Capturing still measurements from tags that are outdoors and performing the same readers triangulations algorithm.

With NAO Track+ you have an extremely efficient way of locating tags indoors but even outdoors at a very wide scale.