Business partners - Become part of a solid Ecosystem

At Pole Star, our ecosystem of partners is a historical Value. we build a full range of partnerships to garantee to the end customer of our solutions, the best possible, cutting edge solution for its industry and use cases.
We select, train, support advise, our integrators to make sure they will create the maximum value from our technology to the end customers.
We have created an amazing community of partners sharing the same vision of excellence. We have created the Connect Day where, on regular basis, the whole ecosystem can meet in a physical place, share experience, feedback, find a partner, a solution and meet new customers.
We are here for you first!

We have developed an ecosystem to be able to answer to any situation, large integrators, digital agencies or mobile developers Integrating our solutions into your mobile applications is the guarantee not only to improve the customer experience but also to have access to sharp visit analytics.

You want to enhance your mobile marketing thanks to Web analytics in the physical places? Trust us we have the solution, please contact us