1. Pole Star and Connexient are conquering the Healthcare market across the USA and beyond!

    Pole Star US  and Connexient announced a new partnership to accelerate indoor navigation and location based services for the Healthcare market in North America. 

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  2. Pole Star has hit 500 users on NAO Cloud in 45 countries

    Pole Star is proud to announce that NAO Cloud is used by 500 users in 45 countries. Europe, Asia, America and Africa, all around the world users are testing our indoor positioning solutions to enhance their mobile services.

    Online maintenance and deployment platform, NAO Cloud eases the set-up of indoor location based services. NAO Cloud […]

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Market Solutions

  • Train stations
    Improved existing services, new services and optimized use of space
  • Shopping centers
    A means to attract new customers, offer new services, and increase average time consumers spend on the premises.
  • Airports
    Improved facilities, signposting solutions, reduced passenger stress, optimized space and passenger flux.
  • Convention centers
    Optimized space and visitor flux, improved visitor experience, and an innovative new communication media for event organizers and exhibitors.
  • Museums and Theme Parks
    Improved visitor services and reception, reduced operating costs, rationalized content, and heightened image thanks to geolocalized digital services.