Indoor positioning - The key feature to integrate an Indoor GPS into your mobile App

Among all Mobile services, Location based Services are the most valued by end users. This is why we define Indoor Positioning as the first accessible level of service.
 It will help you create value in your mobile apps: Way Finding, Turn by Turn Navigation, Friend Finders, Tag my Slots, are just some of the features which can be implemented with our Indoor Positioning Services

Thanks to our unrivalled track record and customer feedback, Pole Star products have been optimized for a wide range of use cases.

With its unique hybrid technology, the powerful fusion engine and the intelligent management of all sources of data and embedded sensors (accelerometer, compass, gyrometer, pressure sensor, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS), the solution is fully adapted to any type of environment in a manner while minimizing the battery drain.


The first purpose of indoor geolocation is to guide the user, helping him or her to get around easier and saving time. The combination of an interactive map integrated into a mobile application and a blue point representing the user’s position in real time, makes it possible to deliver route calculation and turn-by- turn guidance in any environment. These services are extremely useful in an airport or train station to guide travelers to the boarding gate or platform, in a shopping center or a large office building, among other places.
Personalized guidance tailored to user needs, is a key factor when it comes to optimizing operating costs for the owner or manager of sites.


Lost your co-workers in an exhibition, or your friends or family members in a shopping mall? Or perhaps you have been waiting too long for your co-workers to meet up with you in an airport or corporate campus?

Finding your way is not always easy, but finding someone else can be even more challenging. Indoor geolocation makes your life easier by sharing your position with your community, family or co-workers, and allowing you to locate someone else’s position on the same site. The geolocation service is a key factor when it comes to optimizing time and increasing competitiveness.


Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Have you ever needed to share a point of interest inside a venue, a shopping mall, a museum, a work place…, with your personal or professional community?


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