Redefining passenger comfort, or when getting there is half the fun

With a mobile application powered by NAO Campus, the most mature, highest performing, cost-effective indoor positioning solution today:

• Ensure passengers get to where they want to go on time, without getting lost, anywhere in the airport or train station
• Improve passenger comfort, satisfaction and loyalty
• Increase earnings per square foot and create new revenue streams by guiding passengers to their favorite shops, dining and leisure options
• Offer real-time, location aware marketing opportunities to your retailers and service providers
• Better understand passenger flow and behavior thanks to a goldmine of location based analytics for optimal airport or train station management

Just some of the passenger services enabled by the Pole Star indoor positioning solution:

• Turn-by-turn guidance from parking lot to departure gate or train platform
• An interactive map featuring shops, dining and entertainment options
• Real-time context based information on flight/train delays, changes,
• Customer-profile driven, geolocated couponing
• Social media functions to connect with friends, family and co-workers
• Accessibility information and turn-by-turn guidance for people with reduced mobility

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (Aeroports de Paris), the world’s sixth largest airport in terms of passengers handled, is covered by the Pole Star indoor positioning service.
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Read the complete customer story and check out the NAO Campus powered app,
My Way aéroport de Paris

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