Museums and Theme Parks

Take the tired out of Museums and Theme Parks with better guided, better informed, more enriched visitors

With a Smartphone application powered by NAO Campus®:

• Ensure your visitors never get lost again, improving visitor comfort, satisfaction and return rate
• Enhance the visitor experience and your image, serving them with real-time, rich, contextual information based on their location, anywhere in your venue
• Increase visitor footfall to revenue sources such as shops, dining options and special events or exhibits with geo-located, profile driven couponing
• Reduce operating costs and go green, replacing heavy, limited capacity equipment and paper
• Optimize your venue management and increase earnings per square foot thanks to never before available anonymous analytics about visitor behavior and flow

Just a few of our indoor positioning enabled visitor services:

• An interactive map and turn-by-turn guidance to anywhere in your venue
• Practical real-time information about opening and closing hours, entrance fees, special events, estimated visit times
• Enriched, multi-media real-time content relevant to where visitors are and what they are looking at any moment
• Tailor-made pre-planned itineraries based on visitor interests
• Age-specific content adapted to the visitor’s individual tastes and interests
• Geo-located games
• Social networking check-in allowing visitors to connect with family and friends (No more wondering where the kids/husband/girlfriend/buddies have gone…)
• Post-visit history of earmarked favorite attractions or exhibits…

Pole Star is proud to collaborate with the following cultural institutions:

La Cité de la Sciences and La Palais de la Découverte , two internationally renowned museums devoted to the promotion of science and technology and based in Paris.
Read the press release.

La Cité de l’espace in Toulouse, the largest European theme park devoted to the space sector with some 300,000 visitors a year.

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