Our solutions

Smartphone is becoming the new media for announcers and a personnal assistant for all users. 58% of american people have a smartphone. Indoor location give sense to this information to deliver the right message at the right place at the right time.  

Pole Star has been the pioneer and world leader in indoor location for 10 years and it provides indoor location solutions for your mobile location based services. 

1 plateform,1 beacon et software solutions to answer to any kind type of use cases. 

  • Indoor/outdoor location with NAO Campus
  • Proximity detection and geofencing with NAO Micro
  •  Geoanalytics of users with NAO Analytics
  • 3D indoor mapping
  •  NAO BlueSpot Beacons Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Online deployment and maintenance plateform : NAO Cloud

Reliable partner, more than 8 million worldwide footprints by Pole Star in 45 countries with international customers and partners of any sector. Our expertise provides you the best solutions on the market:

• Powerful and accurate
• Inexpensive and fast to set-up
• Resists and adapts to changes of the environment
• Easy to maintain
• Compatible with mobile devices Android and IOS
• Respectful of the user's privacy