SDK Indoor positioning

NAO Campus®: the benchmark in indoor positioning, deployed worldwide

NAO Campus® guarantees the highest performing, most cost-effective service with:

  • Maximum service availability: over 43 million square feet of indoor coverage worldwide, Android and iPhone compatible
  • Highly accurate positioning: in even the most complex environments where GPS doesn’t work

  • Adaptability: a hybrid technology combining GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and motion sensors to adapt to all environments and existing networks
  • Performance: real-time positioning without any network connection and low power consumption
  • Scalability: high performance tool suite for fast, easy, multi-venue deployment

Location based services powered by NAO Campus®

Multi-platform, quick to set up, and extremely competitively priced, NAO Campus® embedded in any mobile application powers a wide range of innovative location based services.

Whether you operate a shopping mall, airport, train station, or any other high traffic venue,  NAO Campus®  enables you to communicate directly with your visitors, providing them with invaluable, real-time information on their Smartphones to :

  • Improve visitor comfort
  • Earn visitor loyalty (higher visitor return rates) and increase traffic at your venue
  • Better understand customer buying behavior
  • Increase your average earnings per visitor per square foot

No matter how large or complex your venue, with a NAO Campus® powered application, your customers get a free real-time assistant on their Smartphones and access to:

  • Turn-by-turn guidance,
    • Geo-located discounts
    • Location-aware, profile driven entertainment and services and much more.

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Download a NAO Campus powered application for an airport.

Download a NAO Campus powered application for a department store.