Becoming a partner

Become a Pole Star’s partner! Integrate our indoor location solutions to be different from your competitors and maximize the value of your mobile solutions.

Pole Star has established a powerful ecosytem of international business and technological partners to provide all inclusive location based services. Today, more than 50% of our sales are realized by international partners who integrate our solutions. With Pole Star, indoor location is as simple as the GPS :  

  • Easy:  Our solutions are easy to integrate in any new or existing mobile application. Available on Android/iOS and deployable in any environment. Our flexible, powerful and inexpensive data fusion and hybridation technology provides our customers an accurate, opened and scalable indoor localization service. 
  • Fast: Access to our online platfom NAO Cloud, set-up tools and online support to deploy indoor location services in few hours. 
  • Ability: With 10 years of expertise, Pole Star is trusted by numerous customers and partners on international indoor positioning market.  Our solutions are deployed in 45 countries with more than 8 million sq.m covered indoor.
  • Benefits: Digital revolution is focused on mobile to create growth. Take advantage of our innovation and raise your benefits thanks to margin generated by new location based services.   
  • Support: Personalized assistance including support to deployment of your mobile project, customized training sessions and technical documentation online.