In a few words


Pole Star is a global leader and pioneer in indoor positioning.
Created in 2002 by Christian Carle, a former marketing and sales executive at Thales, and Jean Chenebault, a former engineer at Alcatel, Pole Star has ten years proven industry experience and an impressive customer portfolio.

Key facts:

  • 2009: Commercial launch of the NAO Campus® indoor positioning solution
  • 30% of turnover devoted to R&D
  • Headquartered in Toulouse, France with offices in Paris
  • US Headquarters in Palo Alto, California
  • A highly qualified, dedicated international staff of twenty
  • A trusted network of distributors and partners all over the world
  • 2012: Full coverage of Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, the largest venue in the world offering indoor positioning service and Ios availability


NAO Campus®, the Pole Star indoor positioning solution, is based on a unique hybrid technology combining Wi-Fi, GPS, Blue tooth low energy (BLE), MEMS (motion sensors) and map data.
Compatible with iPhone and Android, which together account for 80% of the Smartphone market, NAO Campus® is the most mature, highest performing indoor positioning service available with over 43 million square feet of indoor coverage worldwide.


Supremely accurate, designed to operate in any environment, imminently scalable, and fully mature, NAO Campus® and its accompanying tool suite lead the way in terms of cost-effective indoor positioning service designed to be deployed fast, easily and on a multi-venue basis.

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